Big Stir Singles: The Fifth Wave

Big Stir Singles: The Fifth Wave will be available March 6, on CD and Digital Download, and is available for pre-order at the Big Stir Records Store.

Big Stir Singles: The Fifth Wave is a special album for me, because while Big Stir Singles: The Third Wave was the album that introduced me to the label (and was more than enough to make me stick around ever since), this is the first collection in which I reviewed the majority of the singles at their time of release.

Many of you remember the weekly joy of walking into Tower Records on Tuesdays, “New Release Day.” I can’t remember a single Tuesday when I walked out of there without one of their glorious red and yellow bags, stuffed with at least a few goodies. Tower may be gone, but Big Stir maintains that weekly level of anticipation with their Digital Singles. There are always surprises, there’s always that artist unknown to you that will become your favorite new artist of tomorrow, and beyond.

Because I reviewed the singles previously, what follows is a list of the tracks with links to my reviews. I encourage you to pick this one up. You’re bound to find yourself surrounded by a brilliant swirl of creativity unbound, the sound of musicians in the modern era making music that will thrill you as much as the music you love from the past.

The GoAllTheWays, “Silly Girl” & “Tourist”

Mod Hippie, “Saturday Show” & “Shimmering Sound”

The Speed Of Sound, “I See You” & “Seen It All Before (Acoustic Version)”

The Stillsouls, “Does My Love For You Come From Shakespeare Too” & “Old Guitars Are The Ghosts On Sunset Strip”

Blaine Campbell, “Happy Faces” & “Movin’ On”

The Tor Guides, “Backwards In Reverse” & “Make You Mine”

Lannie Flowers, “My Street (North Florida Version)” & “Summer Blue”

It’s Karma It’s Cool, “Wooden Buddha” & “Ghosts Of Rome”

The Morning Line, “Nostradamus” & “Nostradamus (Remix)”

The Armoires, “Pushing Forty,” “Shame And Bourbon,” “Shame & Bourbon (Clean Version)”

The Forty Nineteens, “Tell Me” & “It’s For Fun (That’s All We’re Living For)”