Lannie Flowers: My Street (North Florida Version)

I first became aware of Lannie Flowers in 2019, via my association with Big Stir Records. After reviewing a number of albums and singles on the label, I was introduced to SpyderPop Records. Lannie’s history and accomplishments are both extensive, and to learn more about his music, I’ll direct you to his page on the SpyderPop Website. You can also read more about the single on the Big Stir Website, where you can pre-order it now and download it on its release date. November 22nd.

Lannie will be releasing a new album, Home, in December 2019. In the run-up to the new album, he has been releasing a free monthly “March To Home” downloadable single on SpyderPop. None of the singles released so far are planned as part of the new project. “My Street” will appear in a different version, while the flip side, “Summer Blue,” is exclusive to this Big Stir single.

While Lannie is far from a “new” artist, he’s new to me, and my approach to writing about music is to treat everything new as new…I don’t read press releases or artist bios, because I prefer to listen with fresh ears and an open mind. I’ll often read those materials after I listen so that feedback from outside sources doesn’t influence my own impressions of the music.

Both songs on the single are immediately enjoyable. The general tone that I hear is a Wilbury-ish approach…a Tom Petty feel, but “My Street” also layers a Harrison-style slide guitar on top of a Petty Full Moon Fever / Wildflowers soundscape. It really has the feel of that era, in the performance, production, and songwriting.

The choruses on “My Street”…lines like “It always seems so strange, people hiding from the rain,” are followed by little licks that are distinct nods to “Echo In The Canyon,” the era when The Byrds were listening to The Beatles, The Beatles were listening to The Byrds, bands that were already legends or were well on the way descended on Los Angeles, all paying attention to one another while seeking their own sounds.

“Summer Blue”“I’m in love with Summer, but there ain’t nothin’ I can do about it…” It’s more Petty sensibilities, far less of his Heartbreakers music and more deeply rooted in his solo and Wilburys projects. If you like that style of music, as well as the other influences I’ve named above, you are really going to enjoy this single, and will eagerly await Lannie’s new album in December.