There Once Was A Note: This Was 2020

The January 2nd There Once Was A Note show on Woody Radio focused exclusively on new music that was released in 2020. Since beginning the show, I have encouraged everyone to purchase music from artists they enjoy. The playlist below includes purchase links for all of the songs that were played. Please help support the music of tomorrow by supporting the music of today.

The Forty Nineteens with Tony Valentino – Late Night Radio
The Incurables – Funhouse
Jim Basnight – Good Thing
Ed Ryan – I’ve Got The Smile
SVT – Down At The Beach
Yanks – Saddle Up
Owen Masterson – Nuffs Enuff
Steve Aliment – The Future Of Touch
The Gypsy Moths – We Can’t Go Home
Michael Des Barres – Anarchy In The UK
Wily Bo Walker & Danny Flam – Fool For You (2020 Hindsight)
Brian Bringleton – Losing Train Of Thought
The Adam Brown – The Law Was Love
Coke Belda – Broken Circle
The Speed Of Sound – Radio Safe
Orbis Max & Emperor Penguin – Talk To Me
The Crushing Violets – Embers
Whelligan – Rabid Hole
Nick Frater – California Waits
David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels – The Kids Are Not Alright
The Black Watch – Green Stars, Clouds Separating
Marshall Holland – When The Rain Comes
Brad Brooks – God Save The City
Shane Tutmarc – Can I Count On You
The Persian Leaps – Your Loss
Anton Barbeau – Across The Drama Pond
Kekker – Georgie
Bad Scene – No Time
Empty City Squares – Parminedes
The Vapour Trails – Golden Sunshine
Rick Hromadka – Dreams Of A Hippy Summer
Broken Arrows – The Worst Of The Rest
Spygenius – If You Go A-Roving
Bottlecap Mountain – Dismayland
Pop Co-Op – The Price Of Admission
Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs – Living With Me
Chris Church – Begin Again
Gretchen’s Wheel – The Last Balloon
Popdudes – Ridin’ In My Car
Librarians With Hickeys – And Then She’s Gone
Mike Daly & The Planets – Falling Out Of Love Song
The Armoires – The Night I Heard A Scream
Dolph Chaney – It’s OK
Orbis Max & Lisa Mychols – Ooh Baby Baby
Drive By Truckers – The New OK
It’s Karma It’s Cool – Wooden Buddha
Rob Clarke & The Wooltones – Big Big Bad Bad John
Danny Wilkerson. Lannie Flowers & Orbis Max – One Of A Kind
Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes – If I Could
Fanny – Charity Ball
Super 8 – Keep The Home Fires Burning
Kekker – Doveroverland