Mod Hippie: “Saturday Show” & “Shimmering Sound”

This Big Stir Records Digital Single of the Week will be available for download on Friday, October 18th, and can be pre-ordered now on the Big Stir Digital Singles Page.

On the six-minutes-plus “Saturday Show,” the band consists of singer/songwriter Doug McGuire, plus Teresa Cowles, Jason Berk, D.J. Bonebrake, David Marks, Adam Marsland and Mike Schnee. You may recognize them as former members of X, The Beach Boys, Cockeyed Ghost, Wormstew and Pacific Soul LTD . The flip side, “Shimmering Sound,” features an earlier edition of the band, including Probyn Gregory on Theramin (which you’ll remember from “Good Vibrations”). The inconceivably groovy cover art is courtesy of Ridley Broome.

“Saturday Show” has the big, bold sound of a classic rock anthem. Lead guitars constantly swirl over a steady rhythm section. and Doug McGuire’s vocals are a true highlight, bending and stretching to wrap themselves around the constantly-in-motion music. The production is rich and layered, with a full, melodic and rocking sound. There’s a very cool transition around the 4:30 mark, where the bombast melts into a hazy, laid back, gentle euphoria. If you’re wondering where the Beach Boys influence came into play, your answer’s right here.

“Shimmering Sound” begins with a sweet psychedelic folkie sound…plus the aforementioned Theramin. It has strong echoes of Brian Wilson’s adventurous, post-“Pet Sounds” Beach Boys studio wizardry. Brian heard the siren call of what was happening at Haight-Ashbury in the late 60s, and wasn’t shy at all about adding some of those elements to his own toolkit. The vocals here are also a little reminiscent of Mike Love, with a chaser of Carl Wilson. Think Jefferson Airplane jamming with The Beach Boys and you get the picture. Very trippy, 100% Summer of Love energy coming back to say “howdy” in 2019.

This is absolutely a “Double A-Side Single” worthy of that designation.