The Speed Of Sound: I See You / Seen It All Before

The Speed Of Sound’s “I See You / Seen It All Before” is Big Stir Records’ Digital Single No. 49, and it’s available for pre-order now (downloadable on Friday, October 25).

This single was a true surprise…the shift of style and mood from the “I See You” to the flip side, “Seen It All Before” (Acoustic Version)” was dramatic.

“I See You” is a cover of The Byrds’ song from 1966’s “Fifth Dimension,” written by Roger McGuinn & David Crosby. You can hear the original on YouTube for comparison. The Speed Of Sound’s take is largely faithful to the original, adding a little extra British Invasion “oomph” a la The Yardbirds & The Animals (think “Monterey”), while dialing back a bit of the treble guitars on the original, and foregoing the heavily raga-influenced solo for something a bit more fluid, while still extremely psychedelic.

“Seen It All Before (Acoustic Version)” is a true melange of many wonders…touches of early Bowie / Mott with a slick Bob Dylan weary sneer added for good measure. There’s a cool “Spaghetti Western” feel here, a slight feel of unseen menace in the air, supremely atmospheric. Ann Marie Crowley adds an ethereal counterpoint to John Armstrong’s lead vocals, and the Spanish guitar-flavored solos bolster the atmosphere. Moody and intense, yet light and floating at the same time. Is that even possible? Why yes…it is. Just listen.

The Speed of Sound is:

John Armstrong (Songwriting/Guitars/Vocals), Ann Marie Crowley (Vocals/Guitars), Kevin Roache (Bass guitar), John Broadhurst (Drums), with Paul Worthington (Drums, May 2015 to May 2017).

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