The Toms: The 1979 Sessions

“The 1979 Sessions” was compiled from recently discovered tape reels from the same sessions that produced their classic debut album. It will be available from Futureman Records on Dec. 6th in CD & Digital formats.

“The 1979 Sessions” is a fascinating snapshot / love letter to The Beatles, and what’s most interesting is that the only time it inches past 1963’s “With The Beatles” is in a couple of nods to noted Beatles acolyte Jeff Lynne. Other than that, it’s a glorious trip back to The Ed Sullivan Show on black and white TVs all across America.

Especially notable is the manner in which Tommy Marolda shifts effortlessly between deep McCartney-isms and Lennon-isms, precisely as the Fab Four did in their fresh-out-of Liverpool days.

And while I’ve stated on a number of occasions that Eric Carmen, in The Raspberries, was the undisputed Godfather of Power Pop, “The 1979 Sessions” serves as a reminder that the winning formula he established on those hit records was a seamless fusion of Beatlemania and the power of 1967’s “The Who Sell Out.”

“Call The Surgeons (Part 2)” is pure 1967, a lively Hollies / Buffalo Springfield burst of pop.

“She Said Goodbye” injects some McCartney-esque Fab Four energy into the proceedings, and “That Could Change Tomorrow” follows suit.

“Til The End Of The Day” leans closer to Lennon, opening with “I’m gonna push my shopping cart across the ocean floor…” The lyrics, vocal delivery, and especially the background vocals, are pure Sir Winston O’Boogie.

The album’s first step from The Beatles vibe is a short one, with “Love At First Sight” starts with a disco beat and vocals that echo Jeff Lynne. “Was It Good For You Too” also walks this path.

The lyrics especially capture the mindset of early Lennon / McCartney compositions…“Uptown’s” lyric “I’ve been misunderstood, gave the teachers dirty looks…” is a not-so-distant cousin to Lennon’s cover of Larry Williams’ “Bad Boy.”

This is a fun, tuneful, energetic collection that will tickle the fancies of any fan of the early Beatles hits.

From The Toms’ Facebook page:

“Not a true band, the Toms is actually the solo project of Grammy producer/ Grammy songwriter/singer Tommy Marolda. A firm believer in D.I.Y. principles, Marolda plays all of the instruments and sings all the parts with occasional guest singers and players such as Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons), and other recognizable artists.

Marolda has appeared on more than 50 albums as an artist, producer or composer. He was nominated twice for Grammy and has worked on gold and platinum albums with artists such as Imagine Dragons, Cher, the Bee Gees, the Killers, Rod Stewart and Richie Sambora. The Toms songs appear in TV shows such as “Bones”, “Crazy Ex Girlfriend”, movies “ROCKY”, “THE EXPENDABLES”, STAYING ALIVE”, BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA and hundreds more!