The Metal Byrds – Byrds On A Wyre EP

The Metal Byrds’ “Byrds On A Wire” EP is available from BandCamp.

The Metal Byrds are vocalist Suzanne Birdie and guitarist Sly Rye. The band has a sound uniquely their own, which might best be described as Power Pop with an emphasis on power, and just the right amount of Punk Rock attitude. No matter how loud the music gets…and it does get loud…that never comes at the expense of melody.

The six songs on this EP…”Magik,” “Double Crossed,” “Relentless,” “Dark Highway,” “Machine Man” and “Love N Money,” have been available on streaming platforms for a while, and I’ve played them on the There Once Was A Note radio show. The release of the EP on BandCamp allows you to now purchase them and add them to your collection, and it’s a great addition indeed.

Their signature song, for me, and the one that best gets you up to speed on the stance and vibe of The Metal Byrds’ music, is “Relentless.” The music is a sonic whirlwind wrapped around a tale of a guy who’s just no damned good…The music eases off a bit as Suzanne sings “Sometimes I smiled to keep up appearances for you, It killed me little by little, but what else could I do?”…and the point of the song is “that’s enough of that,” and the song roars into the home stretch at full volume and power. It’s a vindication, and emancipation, a declaration of freedom and independence.

The nearest touchstone to music you’ve heard in the past is Pat Benetar and the first few albums by Heart, but that’s only in terms of persona and stance…The Metal Byrds don’t literally “sound like” either artist. But if you remember the “voice,” the attitude, in the lyrics of songs like “Heartbreaker” and “Barracuda,” there’s your starting point. The band does their own thing once you remember that vibe. Suzanne’s voice is big, powerful, and a full match for the hard rock accompaniment.

Any trip to the past with this band is immediately overridden by a ride into the future. They’re not looking back and they’re not standing still. They’re roaring down the rock and roll highway, and you should jump in and go along for the ride.