The Jellybricks: Some Kind Of Lucky

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The album artwork for “Some Kind Of Lucky” belongs next to a dictionary definition of “Rock & Roll.” Expectations were high for this new album from The Jellybricks, and simply put, they’ve exceeded all expectations. It is easily one of the most solid, rocking and joyous albums of 2019. Here’s a look at each of the tracks:

Corner Of My Eye…A song that illustrates the brilliant synergy of this band. Opening with a guitar riff bolstered by persistently thudding bass and drums, the verses are punctuated with a sweet slash-and-burn rhythm guitar figure, and it’s all wrapped around pitch-perfect vocals. The first thing to know when diving into a Jellybricks album is that they’re magnificently skilled songwriters and arrangers. It all sounds deceptively simple, but when you isolate the individual elements and see how they’re assembled, it sounds a lot like pure genius.

Brooklyn…Rightly selected by Little Steven’s Underground Garage as “Coolest Song Of The Week.” It’s a song that makes you want to sing along, whether you understand the backstory or not. You don’t need to know anything about Brooklyn to want to be on that ride.

Can’t Get Over You…A tasty little slice of Merseybeat meets 60s American pop. There’s a transcendent echo of the 1967 Every Mother’s Son hit “Come On Down To My Boat” that wafts through this one.

Mrs. Misery…An adrenaline pop stomp with clever lyrics and thrilling fade out, lurch right back into it dynamics. A freight train on a velvet track.

Faith…Twang a la Petty and R.E.M., it’s not “Country Rock,” but it blends in some of those flavors. What’s most important is that it provides a more mid-tempo, laid back song in the middle of the hard chargers. And how can you beat a lyric like “Turns out I was stronger than you, and it was not that strong?”

Every Hour…”I know what it’s like to wish for something that can never happen”…the guitars wrap an appropriate level of angst around the weary vocals, a song about refusing to give up hope while teetering on the edge of hopelessness. AND a cool guitar solo. “The walls can be my only friend”…Brian Wilson stops by the studio to say “howdy” on this one. And wait, it that ANOTHER cool guitar solo? Why, YES…it IS.

Run Away…Back to the 60s melodic garage rock / pop sound. More seemingly effortless guitar solos that enter and exit in exactly the right places.

No Money…Another track that paces the 12 tracks with humor and a light-hearted approach.

DOA…the OTHER Little Steven’s Underground Garage “Coolest Song Of The Week.” The experience of driving around with the AM radio in the mid-to-late 60s distilled into three impossibly groovy minutes.

When It’s Gone…Like “Faith,” another track that combines a sing-along chorus with Country Rock-ish twang and power pop, a blend that doesn’t lean exclusively on one vibe, but somehow manages to incorporate them all, something this band does to perfection.

Keep Me Guessing…Garage pop, with a touch of mid-60s Lennon Beatleisms, and a punk rock approach to the solo. Another perfect example of how The Jellybricks can marry multiple vibes in the course of one three minute song and make everything flow as it should.

Some Kind Of Lucky…The album closes with a ballad, with a sweet George Harrison feel to the solos. It ends the experience on a relaxed, tuneful note.

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