The Incurables: I Don’t Feel So Well

I discovered The Incurables tonight via mutual connections on Twitter, headed to YouTube, listened to one of their songs, and said “Oh yeah…I need to hear MORE of this.” I streamed their “I Don’t Feel So Well…” EP on Spotify (see the streaming and purchase links below), and I’ll tell you the same thing I said on Twitter…“Hey, these guys are GOOD.”

The EP opens with “Detroit Steel,” winner of the 2018 Motor City Muscle Rock Anthem Contest. It’s got the right sound for a Detroit anthem (which it is, after all), and comes flying out of the speakers with a power pop sense of melody that’s propelled by a punk energy in the bass and drums.

“Down” (“I feel like I’m ten feet off the ground, and I feelin’ like I’m never comin’ down”) further illustrates the importance of bass and drums as rocket fuel for this band. Bassist Ray Lawson veers between pushing the rhythm of the drum beat and whipping out licks and melodies…he has a brief bass solo, which fits the overall action of the song like a glove. There’s also a nice mondo distorto solo from guitarist Pat Kelly in the middle.

“She” is one of those classic “I met a girl” songs, driven by another tight and definitely all right guitar solo, and the chorus and bridge are reminiscent of the great Ramones songs that walked a similar path…a Punk / New Wave foundation that dances around those classic two and a half minute odes to love from 1960s radio.

“Out Of My Mind” also recalls The Ramones, specifically the mid-tempo, angst-ridden gems from Joey. There’s another tight, fuzzy, precise guitar solo for good measure.

“Eloise” starts off like a hybrid between Aerosmith’s “Toys In The Attic” and AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock.” The lyrics are the source of the EP’s title (“I don’t feel so well”), and the guitar solo melts into a distorted fade-out, then some teasing from guitar, bass and drums, as the track rebuilds its intensity, then there’s a “Won’t Get Fooled Again” style scream, another verse, another chorus, and a great flame-out ending. This is the song that, in a perfect world, would receive massive airplay. It takes everything the band does well and wraps it up into a 3 minute and 44 second thrill ride.

The EP ends with the instrumental “Atomic Fun,” a punkish Dick Dale-flavored romp accented with the occasional “Aaaaaaaaaahs.” It’s the perfect way to end an EP that will definitely leave you wanting more. It’s loud but always melodic, the harmony vocals are done very well, all of the pieces fit. Put this band on your radar, stream their music, and most importantly, keep them making music by purchasing their stuff at the links below.

Purchase “I Don’t Feel So Well…” on CD Baby or stream it on Spotify, Amazon, or Apple Music

The Incurables are Ray Lawson (Bass guitar & vocals), Pat Kelly (Lead guitar & vocals), Pat Mizgala (Rhythm Guitar & Vocals) and Paul Coleman (Drums). Learn more about the band on The Incurables Website.

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