The Brothers Steve: Christmas Magic!

Christmas Magic! is the weekly Digital Single for November 29th, available at the Big Stir Digital Singles page.

The Brothers SteveJeff Whelan (guitar &vocals), Os Tyler (vocals), Dylan Champion (guitar & vocals), Jeff Solomon (bass), and Steve Coulter (drums) offered one of 2019’s most pleasant surprises with their debut album, available for purchase from their Website.

“I Love The Christmastime” is a fun, raucous pop romp through a laundry list of everything the lads love about the season to be jolly: “Aunt Julie comes around to say hello…she’s bringin’ lots of pies and cakes and green jello…” There are many “WHOOOs!” and calls of “It’s Christmas Time, come on, let’s GO!” as the bros welcome all kinds of Christmas goodies at their doorstep.

“Listen Up! It’s Christmastime” is a ballad, reminiscent of a Ray Davies moment of reflection…“Listen up, it’s Christmastime…all I want this year is you to be mine…” It’s sweet, sincere, and cut from the same precious cloth as the classic Christmas songs of days gone by. It has a wonderful and melodic solo with “OOOOOHS” at the bridge as Os asserts “Make it MERRY!” There’s an open, honest, innocent expression of anticipation...”Tonight I’ll be awake again, just like the years before… now it’s you, my sweet love, that I’m waiting for…”

Christmas singles are a pretty easy shot for bands that want to take a “standard” and rock it up with a few new twists. It’s a much bigger challenge to create something new, heartwarming and fun, and that’s exactly what the Brothers Steve have accomplished on this single. Get it…you’ll love it.