The Brothers Steve: #1

The Brothers Steve are Jeff Whalen (vocals, guitar), Os Tyler (vocals), Dylan Champion (vocals, guitar), Jeff Solomon (bass) and Steve Coulter (drums). You can purchase “#1” on their Website.

The Beach Boys had a hit with “Fun, Fun, Fun,” but you’ll need an extra “fun” to prepare yourself for the debut album from The Brothers Steve. “#1” comes roaring out of the gates with “Angeline,” a burst of surf / punk / pop energy, straight out of the “Nuggets” box set. “We Got The Hits” follows, in a similar vein.

“She” could have come from any of the first three Monkees albums…no reselblance to the song of the same name from their second album, but there’s a distinct Davy Jones flavor to this one. The “hey la, hey la, here she comes” closing is a clear homage to sixties AM radio, and it crackles with energy.

“Carolanne” is a ballad, retaining the harmonies and dynamics of their more propulsive tracks. “Is the sun going down, you look so small when you’re on the ground”…it’s the kind of pristine psychedelia that will warm your heart, regardless of whether you were there for it the first time around.

“C’mon Pappy” echoes Davy Jones even more strongly than “She”The Monkees were reportedly an influence of band members Jeff Whalen, Steve Coulter and and Jeff Solomon during their tenure in Tsar, and it comes through loud and clear on this album.

“Songwriter” is more garage music…the chugging guitars, that “Shindig / Hullabaloo” drum beat from Steve Coulter.

“Carry Me” is another track with amped-up twangy guitars, breathless “ooooh” and “ahhhh” backing vocals, and nice stop / start dynamics.

“Good Deal Of Love” is mid-tempo, with a little Peter Noone Brit-pop flavor in the vocals.

“Beat Generation Poet Turned Assassin” raises the fuzz level, and is the most high-octane track here. You have to love the “He said she said, na na na na, ohahowww, he said she said, la la la la laaaaa…” vocals.The humor that punctuates the entire album, from concept to execution, is on full display here.

“#1” goes out on a sweet note with the acoustic-driven “Sunlight.” As are other tracks, it’s flavored with Brit Pop a la The Hollies“When the band comes down, we feel alright…”

Time races by as each track tumbles into the next, leaving you hungry for more. Micky, Mike, Peter and Davy would be proud of this one, as would be any garage band across America.