Taming Sari Triumphs with “Thirsty From The Drought”

Taming Sari’s debut album. “Thirsty From The Drought,” was released on September 20th. Click here to listen to purchase the album on Amazon.

From the bio on their Website, “A road of mishaps and life experiences brought these five guys together in order to form Taming Sari, a band from Ottawa, Ontario (CA). With a new sound to the playground, they bring that classic rock and blues feel back into modern day rock and roll to seduce you as you get up on your feet and dance to the beat!”

The band is adept at Social Media, a prerequisite for any act looking to build and retain a following in the 2019 music landscape. They’ve promoted the two singles that led up to the album, “Down With The Devil” and “Wake Up Boy,” with consistent energy and enthusiasm on Facebook and Twitter. This is a band that is aggressively pursuing success, and their hard work is paying off.

Taming Sari shows many classic rock influences in their sound, but the best way to describe their music is lean, focused hard rock. They’re a guitar band, to be sure, with the rhythm guitars slashing and burning through the verses and choruses, frequently punctuated with tight, focused solos. The 8 tracks on “Thirsty From The Drought” are hook-filled, each one with the potential to be a successful single.

Taming Sari is Warren Meredith on lead vocals, Alexandre Pellerin-Auprix on bass, Adam Quellette on drums and backing vocals, Miguel Brunette-Kingsberry on rhythm guitar, and Danny Seguin-Brunette on lead guitar.