Librarians With Hickeys: Until There Was You

There are some bands you just root for, and Librarians With Hickeys is one of them. Their debut single on Big Stir Records is further proof that the label intends to show no mercy in 2020, bringing you artists that have a proven, consistent track record of exhibiting a pure, unadulterated rock and roll heart.

My first exposure to Big Stir came via the Big Stir Singles: The Third Wave collection. It’s a challenge to name a “highlight” from an album that is a collection of 22 highlights, but Librarians With Hickeys stood out with their tracks “Black Velvet Dress” and “Alex.”

The band has tapped into a wonderful “sweet spot” of songcraft that is reminiscent of The Smithereens. While Pat DiNizio also ventured into the harder side of the garage and the music of The Who, Librarians With Hickeys anchor themselves to the tuneful Beatles & Brit Invasion realm that he so masterfully captured. There’s a wistful, bittersweet tone that permeates the full, rich guitar-bass-drums attack. There’s always got to be a song, no matter how many accouterments a band may wish to pile on, and this band shows up for their recording sessions with solid, memorable songs in hand.

“Until There Was You” is beautifully structured, a classic visit to the archetypal guy who flat-out didn’t have his act together…until she came along. The song has true innocence, the hymn of a lost soul who found redemption via true love. And yes, Pat’s got to be smiling down from Rock & Roll Heaven when a song like this unfolds.

“And Then She’s Gone” is the flip side to the story in “Until There Was You”“She’s making a change, and then she’ll be free…one more hug for her mom and dad, and then she’s gone”…it’s a power pop reinvention of The Beatles’ “She’s Leaving Home,” with “oooooohs” and chiming guitars.

The single is a calling card for more L.W.H. music from Big Stir. It’s great that a path has been opened for them to do what they do best, on a label that will be behind them all the way.