Electric Black: The Calm Before

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Electric Black is Alistair Shiach (Lead Vocals/Rhythm guitar), Jonny Bryant (Lead guitar/Backing vocals), Matt Butler (Drums) and Ryan Trotman (Bass/Backing vocals).

The Calm Before is one of those albums that restores your faith in rock and roll. With all of the gimmicks and affectations in the music world today, sometimes you just need a band to plug in and wail on a set of good, sturdy rock and roll songs. There’s really nothing that can replace the cathartic mix of guitars, bass, drums and the right attitude. What makes Electric Black special is that they have all of the pieces in place, but they also display a keen sense of ebb and flow dynamics. Sure, it’s important to plug in and howl at the moon…and they are most capable when it comes to that…but there’s also tone and texture.

Many of the songs are riff-driven, but they’re not shackled to those riffs. They regularly venture outside of them, find their way back, and drive it home.

The band’s style is most easily described as “hard rock,” at times bordering on metal, but with far too many subtleties along the way to dub them as simply “a metal band.” The aptly-named title track is a tranquil 46 second instrumental that leads into “Not Afraid To Die,” which opens with sledgehammer riffing, and around the 1:30 mark, it eases into a quiet and melodic midsection before it comes roaring back for the finish.

There’s guitar-a-plenty, solid rhythm and tight, controlled, wailing solos. This is smart, hard rock and roll…this is a distinctive and memorable debut album, and this band has a future. Get in on the ground floor…you’ll be glad you did.