Dolph Chaney: The Handling

The Handling” will be available for download on March 6th, and may be pre-ordered now from Big Stir Records.

Big Stir Records has a sixth sense, an natural, innate ability to recognize when an artist is on the verge of releasing something spectacular. Few of the artists on the label are “brand new,” they’ve been on the scene for a while in various other bands and solo projects, but every once in a while the stars align in a manner that signals something special is right around the corner, and at that point, the harmonic convergence between the label and this artist occurs. Such is the case with Dolph Chaney’s upcoming Big Stir album “Rebuilding Permit.”

Dolph shared the working track (and later, the fully mastered fill band version) of his song “A Good Road Is Hard To Find” from the album with us, both versions have been played on our radio show. The track was enough to demonstrate that there’s a level of energy and passion in this music to bode well for what’s on the rest of the album, and “The Handling” continues in the same vein.

The song is a melange of garage, pop, and psychedelia with definite Who accents. It’s a great burst of punky defiance, as Dolph lists the things that he can’t handle (including, but not limited to, “I can’t handle the handle”)…his gift for irony and intelligent wordplay is perhaps the greatest arrow in his quiver.

“Automatic Caution Door” is an exercise in genteel paranoia and phobias (“You’ve got my back despite my front, What else did I believe I want”), with a slow, deliberate backing, laced with coiled snake, swirling, shimmering guitar solos.

Lyrically, Dolph’s worldview reflects what we all see, plus his own “under the surface,” off the grid insights that still strike a common chord in us all. This isn’t your average, garden-variety pop music. It’s pure pop for now people that occasionally lands in the mud, is picked up, cleaned up, and sent into the fray once again. “Rebuilding Permit” is an album that you’ll want on your radar.